Friday, 22 June 2012

My awesome find on Kijiji.

Thank you Better After for featuring my creations. I love to take something someone thinks is junk and making it look amazing again...check out my other blog posts to see what else I have done.

I am at it never seems to stop for me.
Well searching on kijiji there was a lady moving and wanted to get rid of of a coffee table and two side tables. It was an amazing deal that I couldn't pass up. It was only 5 bucks for all 3 items. A real steal of a deal. Always keep your eye open for people not really wanting things, they give them away either for free or cheap just to move it, but it is worth much more with a bit of elbow grease.

coffee table.

The tables were very beat up, so I sanded them down in my little hand electric sander, filled in the nicks with wood filler and waited for that to dry. Then gave it another sand down.

I painted the tables completely white and found this great graphic wallpaper at Home Depot that was ripped and out of the wrapper so I took it to customer service and asked if they would sell it to me at a discount - good frugal tip...always look for damaged items. This roll had just a slight tear at the very front of the roll but the rest was perfect....why pay full price when you can get a bargain. I had some mod podge at home so I decided it would be a great bold statement on the tables to take them from blah white to a pop of pizzaz. 

This is the coffee table.

The side tables.
close up of one of the side tables.
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  1. So very, very pretty! Great tip abt. damaged items for a discount price.

    1. Thanks Diane, I love a great deal and making something beautiful out of something someone just wants to get rid of. Have a blessed day.

    2. Very pretty. Do you think you could put wall paper on a glass top of coffee table?

    3. I don't see why you couldn't. Can the glass be removed, or is it an inset? If you can put the wall paper on wood and then the glass over top that is ideal. But if you need to put it right on top of the glass than I would do a good layer of glue and a wallpaper applier tool and work out all the bubbles. Then put one layer of glue on the top, after that dries 12-24 hours put a second coat on to seal it very very well. Mod Podge will dry clear so it will turn out fine. Let me know how it goes and send me a picture I would love to see it. Best of Luck in your DIY